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Singers Curse

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  1. A collection of appropriate (and inappropriate) music for Curse of Strahd. FREE SUPPLEMENT. I ran through Curse of Strahd with half new players, half seasoned players in a little under 8 months through weekly hr sessions. Though we moved quickly through some spots due to player interest (and skipped most of Vallaki), it was a blast.
  2. Curse the Moon is a music theme featured in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. It is the background theme of Stage 8, which bears the same name.
  3. Musician MIDI – Perform live music using your MIDI keyboard. Piano – Add a piano to your instrument list. Instruments v1 – Restore some of the old instruments sounds before they were reworked in Useful links. Discord server – Get live support, share music or just chat with the growing Musician community.

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