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All The Same

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  1. All the same, Grenada is striving to achieve a faster rate of poverty eradication. tralrafoonututakemeloletsovi.coinfo A l mismo t iem po, Gran ad a se esfuerza por lograr una tasa más rápida de erradica ci ón de la pobre za.
  2. Synonyms of all the same. in spite of that. She wasn't really fond of dogs. All the same, she let her roommate get one. Synonyms for all the same. even so, howbeit, however, nevertheless.
  3. 1) все таки; тем не менее thank you all the same ≈ все же разрешите поблагодарить вас 2) все равно, безразлично it s all.
  4. all the same meaning: 1. despite what has just been said: 2. despite what has just been said. Learn more.
  5. Definition of it's all the same to me in the Idioms Dictionary. it's all the same to me phrase. What does it's all the same to me expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  6. 3 changeless, consistent, constant, invariable, unaltered, unchanged, unfailing, uniform, unvarying. 4 all the same: a after all, anyhow, be that as it may, in any event, just the same, nevertheless, nonetheless, still. b immaterial, not worth mentioning, of no consequence, unimportant. Antonyms.
  7. "All the Same" is the first single released from Sick Puppies' album Dressed Up as Life, though it was first released on their self-titled EP a year before the album. It reached No. 8 on the U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and featured in the Free Hugs Campaign. The radio edit cuts off the middle of the second verse and end of the Genre: Alternative rock, post-grunge.
  8. Jul 31,  · All the same definition: nevertheless; yet | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  9. Some common synonyms of same are equal, equivalent, identical, selfsame, and very. While all these words mean "not different or not differing from one another," same may imply and selfsame always implies that the things under consideration are one thing and not two or more things. took the same route derived from the selfsame source.

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