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Eau - Kashyyyk (CDr)

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  1. The Ewoks had no part in the creation of the Death Star II. Originally (in early versions of the screenplay), the Death Star II was going to be built in orbit of Kashyyyk by wookiee labor. It is true that the Empire did use Kashyyyk (or Wookiee Planet C as they called it, which brings up .
  2. Kashyyyk was known as a planet with wild, abnormally large foliage. With no axial tilt and a perfectly circular orbit, there were no changes in seasons, resulting in a relatively stable weather system gifted with a consistent pattern of rainfall. The planet itself was composed of a molten metallic core, rocky mantle, and a silicate rock crust.
  3. Kashyyyk was a planet in the Mid Rim near the Trandoshan homeworld, Trandosha. The surface of the planet was covered with jungles and forests of trees spanning many hundreds of metres into the air. Due to the unique rotation of the planet Kashyyyk essentially has only one season. The most notable feature about Kashyyyk was its massive forests composed of wroshyr trees which stretched from the.
  4. CDR Reporting Submission Period Open. Submit your CDR Form U by November 30, Register for access to eCDRweb, the electronic Form U, through the Central Data Exchange (CDX).; Access eCDRweb, the electronic Form U, through the Central Data Exchange (CDX). Read about the new Agent role. Read updated guidance documents and webinar presentations and recordings.
  5. Kashyyyk is a tropical jungle planet best known as the home world of the Wookiees, a race of gentle giants who can turn savage when they need to, as evidenced by the Battle of Kashyyyk in the final days of the Clone Wars. Passengers still flock to the planet to experience the Wookiees for themselves, and embark on safaris from accommodations in.
  6. Mar 31,  · Kashyyyk uses the libfjirc library originally written for the Whittler IRC bot and the libfjnet wrapper written for TurboSphere. It has an FLTK-based GUI. Kashyyyk is intended to be cross platform and easily compiled. It is known to compile using Clang, GCC, Cygwin, Sun Studio, and MSVC
  7. Kashyyyk (/ kəˈʃiːk, ˈkæʃɪk, ˌkæˈʃiːaɪk, kəˈzuːk /), also known as Wookiee Planet C, is a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe. It is the tropical, forested home world of the Wookiees.
  8. A verdant world occupying a strategic position in the Mid Rim, Kashyyyk was the site of a fierce fight between the Republic and Separatist invaders in the final days of the Clone Wars. Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli and Yoda were among the commanders of a mixed force of clones and Wookiees that defended the coastal city of Kachirho.

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